Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1st Anniversary and Mablethorpe Half Marathon, and Cornwall 初めてのハーフマラ

Just the shots, not a great deal of commentary. Apart from my 1hr 34min finish in the half marathon yesterday!!

Just a note about this guy next to me. He has run 450 marathons/ultra-marathons and his mate has run over 270. They're legends in my book. It's funny, looking back at this shot I realise that I didn't even ask him if it was ok to take one in the first place. I think I know what he might have said if I had asked him though.

Me limbering up for my first half marathon. Looking good!!

My mother and some donkeys on the beach. No day at Mablethorpe would be complete without a donkey snapshot.

Aki chan looking content, happy because the sun's shining.

Dave on the beach.

Aki on our anniversary.

There were more photos but for some reason Blogger won't upload them.

Hey, look at that, Blogger will upload the silly face shots that me and Aki took on our last night in Cornwall. Superb!