Thursday, December 06, 2007

Long needed update

I know it's as if this webblog has long ben defunct and out of use, but my excuse is that a lot has been happening since the last update. Aki and I are now married, which took place on the 15th Sept of this year. It was a good day with lunch at a nice restaurant on Steep Hill after the ceremony and a barbeque in the evening at Mum's house. Aki's family came over and stayed in a next-door-neighbour's house while they were away on holiday. There were more tears at this wedding than you'd be able to shake a stick at, for some reason or another. Maybe because Aki's so far away from her family and friends. Anyway, Aki's mum made a very powerful speech in English which made everybody sob some more, and then I started crying, and Aki was crying, and Aki's dad didn't stop crying throughout most of the whole trip. Two selected photos are below, but we're still waiting for a lot of them.

Black and white photos courtesy of my cousin Toby at


On our honeymoon we went to Prague for a few days and had a wicked time walking around the very romantic old city. The weather was lovely and we got to stay in the suburbs at a very interesting apartment. This is the view from our balcony, and it was top notch.

Aki's nieces were over, and they got ice cream. They didn't reckon much to the hustle and bustle of old London, but they did like the trademark tooth-decay food we have here.

Finally, a picture from the summer when me, Aki and mum went to the seaside.