Friday, February 09, 2007

Selection of photos

I haven't used my camera much over the past few weeks, and I seem to lack the initiative to write a blog without photos. Something very memorable has happened though; something important to me that I haven't felt like wailing about to others. I'll write about it now though, since I do have some photos to accompany the things I say. Most people close to me and Aki know we got engaged last weekend, finally, after waiting a month for the ring to come back from being resized. Why it took a month I don't know, but it created a bit of excitement between us both.

Last Saturday I tried to get us seats at a fancy Italian restaurant in town so that I could propose to Aki in an environment conducive to romance, but found that they already had a function booked for that night. Aki met me after work and we both got in a taxi and went downtown to look for somewhere else. I couldn't think of anywhere really, but this very authentic sushi bar with a cock-eyed master popped into my mind. It was a place I'd wanted to go back to for years, after my first visit with teachers from the high school about four years ago. To me it was a place full of character and intrigue, but to Aki it was the equivalent of a roadside cafe on a rainy day. I understood that immediately after we sat down.

You're not really going to propose to me in this roadside cafe are you Lu?

We ate a bit of sushi, which was good. Aki was telling me that she wanted the night to be normal and that she didn't want there to be a sense of hype surrounding my proposal. She was getting nervous because she knew it was a big thing for us both and she'd rather it just happen than have to go through the emotional aspect. We decided to go back home after picking up some vids and some booze and I proposed to her there.

Now, I have a video of me proposing to her that night and I'm toying with the idea of adding it to this blog. For now though, I'll settle you for a picture of the ring on her finger.

It turned out to be quite an ordinary saturday night at home, which, with Aki, is always a good night anyway. She loves the ring and says she's never going to take it off.

You're not really going to let me propose to you in those pyjamas are you Aki?

The next night was a surprise as well. Julian and Meg had invited us to what they said was going to be a 'New Year' party and when we turned up there were all of Aki's friends there waiting to congratulate us on our engagement. Julian was sneaky and he'd invited a few of my friends out as well. I had no idea, and neither did Aki.