Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My first 10 K

Since returning to the UK I've had to substitute the lack of climbing I can do here with another less interesting, but altogether satisfying sport, which is running. It's not only a substitute for sports inaccessible to me now, it's also an incentive for me to continue with my abstinence towards smoking. Yep, it's been a year since I last sparked up and I now feel that I can give myself a good old pat on the back for all the hard work I've done (hell, maybe even a cigar!!), and the running I've been doing just amplifies the health benefits of not smoking.

Me and my gold reward:

In other news, and don't be shocked at how little there is since my last post, we're heading back to Japan next week. Yep, me and the missus are going for a three week stint of doing nothing but recreation and raw fish. I'm taking my runners with me, and I've been chalking up a few routes that lead directly to the local onsens. The idea is that I'll run there and Aki will bring my onsen kit in the car!! Apart from that and a few trips to the top of local mountains we don't have a great deal planned.

Aki is still working at the care home where she started doing voluntary work last year. She'll be starting some more voluntary work soon at a local nursery school, working with grass roots ankle biters, and hopefully that too will lead into something a bit more ambitious for her to do.

Myself, I'm still juggling four different jobs and aiming towards more steady ground next year. Just how steady that ground will be is uncertain still, as I'll have to make headway with some sort of professional training which will hopefully be thorough and comprehensive, therefore time-consuming.

I've got to go to bed now, but I'll leave you with a recent pic of us both at home in the kitchen.